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If you have an existing Retail or Restaurant Storefront/service-related or online business that already accepts credit cards. You are usually looking to save money or improve the quality and abilities of the services you have. Many times, the cost of any equipment upgrades, if any, can be covered in your savings over your current processor. This is why we always start by requesting a copy of your current credit card processing statements and ask for average volumes and ticket sizes of transactions. We can analyze and crunch the numbers and estimate what you will save over your current processor.

Free Downloads of your current Credit Card Terminals

If you own a current Credit card machine and process through someone else currently, we may be able to just reduce your current processing rates and reprogram it for no cost. *It must be compatible with the processor we choose with lower rates. Also, it must be PCI-DSS Compliant and up to date as far as encryption/security and pin debit. Also obviously with COVID19, you want to be able to process Credit Cards using NFC-Contactless readers for Tap or Bump and pay with Chip cards & cell phones NFC capabilities. You may wish to upgrade your terminals with your savings at wholesale prices anyway. We may be able to “SWAP OUT” a new merchant number with lower rates with your current credit card processor at no cost to you.

System Integration
  • No More Hidden Fees
  • No Bad Contracts
  • No Early Cancellation Fees
  • No Equipment Leases
  • No Commissioned Reps
  • No Telemarketers
  • Over 30 Years Experience

We do offer easy to integrate payment gateway solutions to link to your website or to just log on and process from remote locations.