How It Works

All businesses need a fast, dependable, and secure way to process transactions. We work with virtually all MCC SIC codes except adult, drugs, and gaming content. Complete Card Services can place a good number of “High-Risk Accounts” thru 3rd party processors. Our main focus is on small brick & mortar and Internet-based businesses. Not high risk, disputed credit card charge filled businesses like above.

There are so many factors to consider before making decisions that can affect your business. When you initially contact us, we will gather enough information about your business so we can create a custom solution for your credit card processing needs. The more we know about your business, the more accurate and detailed we can be. Researching and choosing a POS system for your business can be overwhelming plus setup requirements vary by the POS system. Call us at (866) 209-7865 to get started.

New System Setup
  • No More Hidden Fees
  • No Bad Contracts
  • No Early Cancellation Fees
  • No Equipment Leases
  • No Commissioned Reps
  • No Telemarketers
  • Over 30 Years Experience

We do offer easy to integrate payment gateway solutions to link to your website or to just log on and process from remote locations.