It is so easy to upgrade to a contactless terminal or add an NFC-Contactless EMV enabled pin pad to your existing terminals. For as little as $150.00 equipment upgrade you can accept cards thru an extended cord Pin pad or wireless POS device. If you add an FD130 Pin pad with Swipe-Chip card slot-cell phone NFC reader for smart phone bumps/Taps, you may never have to touch a card again. This not only makes sense for the health and safety of you and your employees but also to accommodate the huge increase in contactless payment acceptance since march 2020 and Covid-19 came to the USA.

You can accomplish lower rates and becoming contactless in several ways.

1) Get a FREE download and reduce your rates if you already have EMV-PCI- DSS Compliant hardware with no bogus long-term contracts or early termination fees or leases.

2) Add an EMV_NFC Contactless Pin pad to your current POS terminal.

3) Buy new Terminals and Pin Pad from us at Wholesale pricing for a FD130 or FD150 Terminal and FD35 Pin Pad programming, installation and training are INCLUDED IN PRICE!

Although the BEST TERMS are thru FISERV/FIRST DATA as a processor and the lowest rates, I have worked with all major processors for over 30 years and can accommodate almost anyone. FISERV-GLOBAL-TSYS-WORLDPAY.

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