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If you are paying more than 5-10 Basis Points over “TRUE COST” (That is 5 to 10 cents on each $100.00 transaction) you’re paying too much. With over 30 years of experience, Complete Card Services offers a full range of merchant account services and POS Device Sales. Our rates speak for themselves—we meet or beat anyone’s legitimate quotes on POS equipment or rates.

Everyone benefits from our program but the competitors. We offer VERY LOW RATES with no bogus contract terms or early termination fees. We not only do what we say; we say what we do, ahead of time. Merchants can leave at any time with NO PENALTIES. Most if not all processors have a 3-year contract with $500-$4500 early termination fees. So, once you sign up they can raise rates with impunity. If you leave before the contract is up they nail you with early termination fees.

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  • All Major card types on one statement
    Interchange Plus Pricing, with next day pay for most merchants
  • Wholesale Rates & POS/Terminal prices
    Gift/Loyalty cards
  • E-commerce gateways-shopping carts secured payment gateways
    (Month to Month)
  • Smartphone solutions/card swipes
    NFC/EMV Chip Reader compliant
  • No early termination fees
    Free downloads: POS End of Life/PCI Compliance Evaluations
Why touch a customer's credit card ever again?


COVID-19 has dramatically transformed daily life in many ways. This pandemic is changing payment processing and shifting towards contactless POS systems. Fearing infection, consumers have made it clear they do not want to touch anything. It is so easy to upgrade to a contactless terminal or add an NFC-Contactless EMV enabled pin pad to your existing terminals. For as little as $150.00 equipment upgrade you can accept cards thru an extended cord Pin pad or wireless POS device. If you add an FD130 Pin pad with Swipe-Chip card slot-cell phone NFC reader for smartphone bumps/Taps, you may never have to touch a card again. This not only makes sense for the health and safety of you and your employees but also to accommodate the huge increase in contactless payment acceptance since march 2020 and Covid19 came to the USA.


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Pay less. Get more. Choose from a variety of products that best suit your needs. We will integrate with your existing products but if you don’t have any, here are some to look at.

Clover Go

Clover Go

Clover Station

Clover Station

Clover Flex

clover flex

FD130 Terminal


FD35 PIN Pad


FD150 Terminal


Verifone V400m


RP10 PIN Pad

RP 10
Our No-Nonsense Rate Grid

Credit Card Rates, by Merchant Processing Volumes

* Some High Risk SIC-MCC Codes may have reserve requirements or higher rates than the grid above reflects.